Free Hypnotic Selling Techniques Webinar – 10th December

Due to the success of our first Hypnotic Sales Techniques Webinar we’re giving you the chance to attend again.

On Thursday 10th December at 7pm, we’re running our very exciting 1 hour webinar on hypnotic selling strategies for sales people and anyone who needs to influence people at work, and that’s just about everyone.

Hypnotic selling isn’t hypnosis in the formal sense. It’s the art of being able to influence people’s opinions, desires, thoughts, and actions during a regular conversation. The scientific term for this ability is Conversational Hypnosis.

Conversational Hypnotism teaches you how to use Hypnosis in everyday conversation, by using certain “Hot Words”, tones of voice and intonation.

You see, Paul is running one of his fast paced, information rich, apply the very next day webinars on Wednesday 10th December, 7.00pm to 8pm for all sales people who’d like to discover how to use hypnosis in their selling to boost their sales, close more deals and bring in more profit whilst serving their clients with the best business proposition.

On the webinar you’ll be shown how to…

  • Hypnotically maximise the 90 second first impression rule
  • Rid your language of negative tainted words
  • Incorporate hypnotic embedded suggestions into your phrases and conversation
  • Use hypnotic rapport building strategies
  • Use your voice tone to subtly persuade your customer
  • Use Yes Tags to encourage agreement
  • Work with the three part convincer close
  • Use hypnotic spatial anchoring to influence
  • Overcome objections hypnotically with feel, felt, found
  • Ask for referrals using the wrist-watch technique

You simply need to attend this webinar and only the first 50 registered individuals can attend. There won’t even be a recording available I’m afraid so you need to be there on the day.

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