How to Tailor Your Messages

An enlightened way of communicating to foreign lorry drivers of lane closures. In their own language and prompted by a sensor picking up the license plate and displaying the correct language.

How clever

We can also use this when communicating with our customers. Not to change the language you use, that’s jolly clever but not needed if you both speak the same one.

The secret is to tailor the message to the type of person they are.

The Highways England used a clever sensor to figure out from the license plate, then displayed the correct language. We can use a sensor to figure out their behavioural colour. I use a system called Social Styles, which attaches a colour to the kind of person.

  • Red is for dynamic and driver like people
  • Green is for analytical and detailed people
  • Yellow is for gregarious and social people
  • Blue is for empathetic and caring people

Naturally, that’s very simplistic, but it allows you to handle people differently and sometimes simple is best.

With the colour picked up by your internal sensors, you can then tailor the message to suit:

  • Red – get to the point quickly with lots of benefits
  • Green – enough detail and structure to appeal
  • Yellow – relate it to their need to mix with other people
  • Blue – give it some personal meaning or connection with others.

Next, you’ll have advertising banners displaying an advert designed just for you. But hey, Google already does that since they already know everything about you and your data. Scary, isn’t it.