How to Speedily Train a Salesperson

Salespeople are notoriously impatient even with training so as a sales manager, you’ll want to speedy process. Follow a structure such as MEDIC, which I use constantly with one to one coaching and training and you won’t go far wrong.

  • Motivate
  • Explain
  • Demonstrate
  • Imitate
  • Consolidate

Motivate the salesperson to encourage them to learn, explain the virtues of what your’re doing and the benefits to them in increased business or better compliance or whatever.

Explain the learning. Use visual aids to help, stories, metaphors and examples.

Say, for example, the salesperson wants to improve their marketing and prospecting using LinkedIn or Instagram. You’ll want to explain how this works first, the how to’s, the steps but you’ll soon want to show them. That’s the demonstration.

Demonstrate by showing them Linkedin and how you can enhance your profile to appeal to customers, adding your professional credentials and such like. They’ve got to understand it themselves so ask them to have a go, to imitate.

Imitation allows you to watch to ensure they’ve understood and brings out the last stage, to consolidate what they’ve learnt, maybe some coaching.

Involve them all the way with the 1:1 training. Ask lots of questions, ask their opinions, their examples, make it a two-way process and have some fun.