How to sell persuasively

People do like to be led, if they want to, and if it offers benefits and value.

Yesterday morning at the departure gate at Dubai airport, various people showed me the way. They looked official and guided me. “Come this way Sir please”. I dutifully followed and arrived at the gate in no time.

This evening, following my first meal with my family for over a week and a couple of glasses of wine, I made a phone call to Sky to order a film for us all to watch. The salesperson casually guided me to take 3 months Sports Channel for half price. She hypnotically led me to say yes.

She used yes tags – “you’ll want 3 months watching sports won’t you Mr Archer?”

“And half price is a really good deal isn’t it?”


And I did.

It’s not sorcery or wizardry. It’s gentle persuading that’s all.

So if you sell a product or service, rather than pitching it or asking for the business, just lead them to a successful conclusion. Use hypnotic language and patterns to slowly drift towards the sale.

Maybe the wine helped my lady salesperson at Sky, or that I was relaxed after a long journey home and a family meal but I think she sensed the emotion of the time and used her subtle hypnotic selling skills to help me buy Sky Sports for 3 months.

And with the English Premiership starting shortly and Manchester United now possessing the best manager in the world, can you blame me. But shhss don’t tell Claire, she doesn’t need to know does she?