How to Save Time When Coaching

Here’s some great ideas to help you keep records and remember what was done and said at every coaching session you do and it’ll take you just 5 minutes.

  1. Immediately following your coaching session, I mean a minute afterwards, grab your Smartphone and click on your favourite audio recording app. My favourite is Nimbus Notes, ‘cos it’s free.
  2. Record everything you recall from the coaching session, what was said and done, in no particular order, just spill your mind.
  3. Give it the name of the person you coached and when. Click “send to the cloud”
  4. Upload the MP3 to your Dropbox or One Drive folder specially created to receive the files; you will need to do this before under settings.
  5. When back in your office or on your laptop, move it from your Dropbox storage to the client’s folder on your hard-drive, which may also be in the cloud.
  6. When you are about to do your next coaching meeting with the same client, just play the MP3 and this will flood everything back into your frontal cortex memory and it’s as though you coached them only that morning.

Useful for regular sales coaching, after observations and assessments, field based coaching sessions, meetings with people and actions decided.

And it’s come to my rescue countless times.