How to Recruit Salespeople

I’ve recently returned from a sales training event in Japan, which was my first time in the country. I learnt something there that has enlightened my recruitment philosophy.

Let me share.

People in Japan are honourable, dedicated and seek perfection in everything they do. Whatever the job the person has, they strive to complete it to their best ability. And boy do they like to be told by a customer that they have done a great job. We all do of course, it’s called recognition, but in Japan it’s what they seek.

This dedication to achieving excellence in their calling….from a floor sweeper to a financial adviser to a receptionist is clear.

A friend of mine told me recently about a candidate for a job who drove down from York to Gloucester, just to attend the interview. Now that’s a great attitude

I always believe we should hire people based primarily on their attitude and then provide training on skills and knowledge. Not the other way round, you can’t train attitude.

An attitude of just wanting to do a great job; is hard to beat.