How to Obtain Referrals from Clients

Here’s a reminder of how to obtain a referral from a client taken from a very good dentist.

Dentists. Just the word is enough to bring back painful memories for many of us and thank goodness my dental treatment is coming to an end. Months of gruelling pain and discomfort. Actually it wasn’t that bad but remember I’m a man – we feel pain more.

Mike, my dentist was finishing things off this morning. A man very proud of his work and rightfully so, he’s good at his job.

“Just remind me Paul, how did you lose your two front teeth” he began.

“It was a rugby match when I was 12 and I didn’t wear a gum shield”

“Well they now look as good as new Paul, have a look…what do you think?”

“Fantastic Mike…they look fab”

“So what sort of difference will they make to you now Paul?”

And at this point I began to wax lyrical about the benefits the new teeth would bring me.

“You’re still involved with rugby aren’t you Paul?”

“Yes, just coaching and reff’ing”

“Tell me Paul, who else in your rugby circles might benefit from the same treatment?”

At this point I knew what Mike was up to and hats off to the guy he was doing it really well. He had planted the fact that I was really pleased with the outcome and he got me to voice all the benefits, now he was asking if I knew anyone who might benefit from the same.

And I did and I told him too. One of the guys at rugby was asking me about my dental work last Sunday.

Mike’s next question was textbook stuff

“If you were me how would you approach him?”

And I then volunteered to phone my friend and suggest that Mike might contact him direct.

“And when I speak with him Paul, can I put in a good word for you?”

“Just tell him how brave I was with all the pain!”

I liked the last question, we all like to feel good and Mike was aiming to do just that for me. Make me look good in front of my friend.

So let’s summarise how Mike obtained a referral:

  1. Confirm the value that he provided
  2. Ask if anyone might benefit from the same value
  3. Ask how best to make contact i.e. if you were me…
  4. Make the client look good in front of their contact

Good stuff Mike and thanks for the excellent dental work.