How to Negotiate

Money? Are you embarrassed about it? I heard a quote last week from TV presenter Anne Robinson, famous for “You’re the Weakest Link, goodbye”. She said “my best business decision is always to have been unembarrassed about negotiating a decent deal. Not being coy or shy about money is second nature to me.”

I’ve always been coy around money, I’m sorry, it’s me. I’ve always had to work hard for mine starting at age 12 when I trawled the streets of Weybridge at 5am delivering newspapers. As a result, when I negotiate, I constantly google what others are being paid, looking at market pricing, but it’s something I have to constantly work with.

I often tell myself that businesses spend more money on plants in their reception, than on fees.

What about you? Are you not shy about money?

If so, you’ll be a canny negotiator. But if you have hang ups about money, you’ll never get yourself a decent win:win deal. Just ask Anne after all “You’re the Weakest Link, goodbye”