How to make sure you hear them correctly?

Venturing out to a restaurant recently, the waiter took our order as always. We were with friends, so there was a lot to write down. She summarised beautifully but missed my side order.

I corrected her politely; she asked if anyone else wanted a side and returned two more orders.

Clever the power of summary.

Your client will correct you; it’s not a put down just a clarification. An opportunity to adjust, improve or refine your understanding of their needs.

“Just to make sure I’ve got it all?”
“Let me see if I’ve understood you”.
“My apologies for interrupting you; I just want to make sure I’ve got it all so far”.
“Would you mind me summarising what you’ve said so far”?
“Can I just recap?”

The power of summary – lest not forget it again.