How to make selling personal

“How’re you Paul?” began Malcolm, one of the best car salespersons I’ve come across.

“And Claire – Is she well too?”

What a memory he has, but it wasn’t his memory, just his CRM reminding him of my wife’s name.

You see I’d booked my Mitsubishi in for its service, Malcolm had a quick glance down the cars in that day and saw mine since he personally sold it to me a couple of years’ ago. He clicked on the number plate and up came my details including Claire’s name.

This is not unusual; many of us have a CRM or customer relationship manager software that captures everything there is to know about your customer, including personal details so you can use them to re-build any relationship, instantly.

Here’s some up-to-date tips and ideas to help you with your CRM

  1. Have it selected by your salespeople not the IT crowd; it’s salespeople that’ll use it.
  2. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it; low cost apps cost $10 a month nowadays. Pipeline or Nimble come to mind.
  3. Tailor it to suit you. Mine has a special field for my customers SDI “Colour” which is a brilliant system I use it to gauge people’s motivation so I can relate to them more effectively.
  4. Link it to social media so you can hook up with your customer’s LinkedIn, Twitter and so on
  5. Use it to run your entire business day on. So use its diary, email and contact features.
  6. Make sure it runs in the cloud so you can access it from any device – your phone is the best one or your tablet or, like Malcolm, your desk PC.
  7. Update it regularly and use it to your advantage because you want to not because your sales manager says so..

“Your 4 year car plan comes to an end next February, what are you planning Mr Archer?”

“I’ll trade her in Malcolm”

“I’ll make a note on the system then.”

Another advantage of his CRM.

Do you know the strangest thing though, I remembered Malcolm’s name without a CRM, shows we still need our grey matter.