How to Interrupt a Long-Winded Customer

We’ve all been there before; they just don’t stop talking. Now, this is positive as we can use their information to populate our factfind and figure out their needs and objectives.

It’s also distracting, not a good use of time and quite tricky. So we need a way of interrupting them, to steer them to the conversation we want. Here’s how:

  1. You interrupt “Sorry to stop you there…”, “Sorry to interrupt…”
  2. Then immediately summarise what they had been saying. “Let me see if I’ve got this right…” “Let me recap…”
  3. Ask a question to put them back on track.

It works. Make sure you soften the language with some rising tone, and you sugarcoat the question to make it sound curious.

You may get thanked by the customer. They’re acutely aware of being a chatterbox, they’ve probably had the feedback before and will enjoy someone who can contain their excitement.