How to Handle Setbacks

This week I made a mistake which cost me money. My train was delayed coming back from London and I returned to my car with a bright yellow penalty notice on it. I’d exceeded my time paid for that morning.

I should’ve realised and phoned Ringo to extend it but I didn’t think. And it cost me money.

I make mistakes like everyone else. I’m human and all humans make errors. It’s how you bounce back after the event that matters.

Its how you bounce back from mistakes and other set-backs that sets the successful salesperson from the unsuccessful one. Yes, believe me success is often quoted to be 95% psychological and the rest of it is in the head.

So, when you have an unexpected setback in other words, things just don’t go to plan, you can bounce back using these tips:

  • Be willing to unlearn what’s not correct anymore and re-learn some new way of doing things.
  • Refer back to previous successes, keep a diary of your successes as you will soon forget them when they happen. We have a vivid ability to recall failures though even though successes outnumber failures 14 to 1.
  • Practise positive self-talk. Eliminate annoying future worries that you can’t influence and kill past thinking of mistakes and unsolicited feedback. Remember to ignore all feedback that you didn’t ask for, yes just let it go, go on.
  • Dramatically grow your skills and this will help you feel reverently confident.
  • Gain knowledge about everything.
  • Worship your exercise regimen.
  • If your thinking is not helping you and maybe your thoughts are automated negative ones, then use Congnitive Behavioural Coaching to “cure” it – google this marvelous technique or email me for more information.

Stop fretting about your setback – you didn’t cause it on purpose, it was an error, mistake – just don’t repeat it again and move on.

And as for the ticket at the station, I paid it promptly which reduced the cost by half and was reminded that you can always earn another pound you can’t earn another day. So I moved on to another day.