How to Handle “Hot ‘n’ Spicy” Salespeople in Meetings

You know the types. Been around for 40 years and want you to know it. Know more that you and want the group to know. Feel the meeting is a complete waste of time and want everyone to know they’re fed up.

So here’s a story to show you how to deal with them.

It was either points plus fine or attending a driving awareness course. I took the latter and so did 30 or so people rocking up at the Hilton Hotel in Newbury that November day. It soon became apparent that 95% of the group didn’t want to be there and began to vent their feelings.

The instructor had been there before. He:

  • Asked us to switch off phones
  • Told us that he had a device which would signify to the police that we had arrived and left at the end
  • Vented our feelings early by asking how we felt being there
  • Brought in humour to diffuse
  • Made the class interactive and interesting
  • Told us we would have coffee shortly
  • Finally told us that if we cooperated fully and engaged we would get away 25 minutes early.

He had our attention.

So next time you find yourself with a group that don’t want to be there follow the example of the experienced speed awareness instructor. It worked – I learnt loads that day and still use the tips he gave us.