How to get your foot in the door over an existing supplier

It’s a major hurdle to cross. You’re targeting a customer with your product or service and you find that they are already well “in bed” with their existing supplier who they are very happy with and particularly loyal to.

You can’t get the time to even speak with them to find out their challenges problems and pains as they’re quite happy with their existing supplier who gives them a great service.

Now this is exactly the position that you would like to be in if you were their preferred supplier – honesty and loyalty – so you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The last thing you want to do is to start knocking the other firm – that’s totally unprofessional. No, you need to build up your industry not belittle it.

So how?

  • Keep in touch yes, naturally, and make sure you keep them informed of information that will benefit them,
  • Wait until they fall out with their existing supplier, maybe.
  • Ask them for a chance to prove your credentials, possibly, but this does sound like desperation.

No, you need to try something different.

So here’s an idea for you that smacks against conformity but does work. Ask your prospect whether they would want an even better service from their existing supplier.

No one is going to say no to that but they’ll turn around and ask how on earth can you do that?  You’ve opened them up to listening and taking interest.  Simply explain to them to allow you to provide a small amount of your service or product and to subtly let their existing supplier know that you are just seeing what else the market has to offer to ensure you’re getting the best service possible.

Explain further that as soon as the supplier cottons on to this they’ll up their game and give you an even better service to ensure they keep the business.

This will open up the prospect so you can find out more about their needs, criteria, problems and pains which will allow you to tailor your solution. And make sure it’s a good solution and the unique aspects of your solution shine through.

And you never know, when their existing supplier does up their game, which they will, maybe your prospect might begin to doubt them somewhat. After all, why didn’t they give him that level of service in the first place?

And you’ve been able to get your foot in the door.

Try it, it works.