How to Deal With the Price Objection

Its only relative to

…the cost of a carer.

I was watching a TV programme last night on robots and how they can now look after the elderly and infirm people in their own homes. The Japanese are making wonderful strides in this technology as its population ages. However, they cost thousands of pounds to buy or lease.

“Blimey” I thought, “they’re expensive”

Until you compare them with the cost of a nursing home over a 10 years period – also thousands of pounds.

Then the robot seemed like a bargain.

So if your product or service is rather on the pricey side, think of the comparison or alternative to your product and how much that costs.

Whenever customers baulk at the cost ask them simply “what are you comparing that too” and you may reveal a cheaper alternative that you can quickly counterpoint.

And the cost of ignorance is immeasurable.

Not sure I’d like a robot looking after me when I need care, but then again in a few years time, I’ll probably be put inside a robot.