How to Boost your Memory

My memory isn’t getting much better these days; my wife thinks I have a memory like a sieve as I keep forgetting things she tells me to do around the house. Seriously though, do you rely on your memory in your work? If so here’s some ideas for salespeople and sales managers to exploit the audio recording function on your SmartPhone.

  • An idea for an article or blog post comes into your head. Record it, name it and store it so you can write it up later
  • Whenever you get an idea which can help you in your work, record it, name it and store it.
  • After a sales meeting ort a one to one coaching session, when you want to quickly capture your thoughts on the event, ways to improve, what worked, what didn’t? Record it, name it and store it.
  • After an analysis meeting with a manager in your organisation who talked about various needs. Although you took notes, it’s always a good idea to record your thoughts immediately afterwards as your notes didn’t capture everything and you’ll not get to write the report until a few days’ later when your thoughts have drifted. Record it, name it and store it.
  • After a client meeting, in the client’s car park in your car, quickly capture the outputs. Record it, name it and store it.
  • Use an app such as Nimbus Notes and automatically sync the recordings to your OneDrive or DropBox, so they appear on your desktop or laptop next time you log in. Quickly name the audio files and store them in your relevant folder for the event. And when you want to write up your proposal or re-collect the meeting, just listen to yourself beforehand, you’ll be amazed what it’ll do to your recall of the event.

My memory is actually fine; don’t tell my wife, it’s my tactic not to end up doing chores around the house. Was it cutting grass, washing up or the logs…my memory is fading…