How to benchmark your values

Abroad on business in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I was reminded of the admiration they have for the British way, our etiquette, and how many Bangladeshi’s have been schooled in British manners.

On the plane home I Googled it and read Debrett’s website which had the A to Z of British Etiquette.

I sat reading, smiling and realising that so much is true in the way I was raised and my own way of life.

It was fascinating.

So if you’re seeking principles or business protocol on how to interact with the world, you can’t go wrong than the Debretts’s A to Z.

And yes, before you ask, you can have Wifi on planes nowadays and yes, people can make calls too, and yes, I heard the indomitable “Hi, I’m on a plane” as loud as you can. Now that’s not Debrett’s.