How to be a sales led organisation

Are you a sales led organisation?

I often hear Business Owners, CEOS say this about their company. “We need to be marketing or sales led organisation”, “Everyone here is involved sales”, “Everyone is an internal customer here”

All good rhetoric but how do you do it?


You create a sales process and put everyone on it. I mean everyone. All positions need to fit somewhere in the sales process and they need to know what their role is, what they have to do, and be trained in it.

Everyone….the CEO, the graphic designer, the bee keeper.

But I have no place in a sales process, shouts the bee keeper. The traditional sales process probably not, unless we make up some internal customer excuse. No, you need to update your sales process to fit the needs of this decade’s customers who are far more in control of their buying than ever before and make purchasing decisions without salespeople. Customers don’t need salespeople anymore to provide information.  They get it online.

Two additions to the traditional sales cycle for you – Wow Customer Care after the sale. And Noise Making. Making noise so the customer can find us, creating content, social media, forums, being online to help them solve their problems….then it’s the usual culprits – analysing needs, presenting, closing.


Notice that prospecting for new customers isn’t there anymore.  They now find us, because they are in control and don’t want to be hooked or prospected anymore.

Now, with that sales process you make everyone appear somewhere on it and even the bee keeper has a role to play.