How Tesco Communicates

I’m a big fan of Tesco, the largest supermarket here in the UK. They have their communications spot on. Let me explain and how this helps us.

For the masses, Tesco has one message – “Every little helps”

For the individual, well they’re all different. I get all sorts of messages from Tescos, from a variety of channels. Web, phone, email, letter. Every time I hear from them, the message is very relevant, on trend and timely for what I need at the time. Uncanny you say. But it’s the Clubcard and the fact that I bank with them. They know all about me and ensure that every communication is personal and laden with value.

Now some people resent this – invasion of privacy – and they have a point – but I love it, it saves me time, gives me information I attach value to and is very clever.

Its all to do with Big Data in the cloud (or in Tesco’s Servers) which allows companies to have so much information about their customers and to use this to continue the buying relationship.

Where’s this useful for us?

  • Ask yourself how to you communicate individually with your customers?
  • How good is your CRM system? Does it capture key customer information and do you automate the use of this?
  • How much do you know about your key customers?
  • How do you make the communication with key customers, individualised and value laden?
  • Are you crystal clear of the message you give the masses?

After all, every little helps.