How Rid Yourself of a Negative State of Mind

With a dash of NLP and a sprinkle of hypnosis.

This COVID disaster seems to be dragging on forever, for us all and there seems no light at the end of the tunnel, even with the promises of Vaccines. You, like me, may well drift into an unwanted negative state of mind on the odd occasion.

Here’s a little trade secret of getting rid.

It’s all down to how you look and see things around you. Let me explain.

There are broadly two ways of looking through your eyes—a foveal vision, where you concentrate one specific thing. For example, on a Zoom call, you stare at the lens of the camera because some “bright spark” lectured you to do so.

There’s also the peripheral view, where you allow your eyes and vision to see right across your spectrum of viewing. For example, when you visit the coast and look out across the sunset drifting behind the waves. You can see it all in one gaze – the green and brown headlands, the rough sea, and the turquoise sky. The crimson sun, the children playing on the beach and the seagulls in the distance. You can see it all.

Tell me from those two images I painted, which one makes you feel nervous and tense and which one equals calmness and serenity.

Foveal vision causes stress in the nervous system, whereas peripheral opens your awareness of everything and creates a state of calm and together.

So next time you’re feeling a little bit uptight – “tied up too tight” or you’ve got a “face on” as the Arctic Monkeys sang about…re-focus your vision to peripheral. Email me, and I’ll give you a great exercise to do just that.

I think it was Hard-Fi who sang about being “tied up too tight” – I’m sure the music aficionados will let me know if I’m right.