How Do You Demonstrate Your Capability?

Watching over the UK’s skies is a brand new jet fighter called the Typhoon flown by expert pilots to ward off baddy planes from other countries. Recently I saw a video clip of one such incursion from a Russian Long Range Bomber. The Typhoon flew alongside and then flipped sideways to show the Russian crew the various weapons it had tied to its undercarriage.

It’s here on YouTube

This was enough evidence of the firepower to ward them off, and the Russian Bear flew off in the other direction.

The same is true in sales.  We don’t have to arrive with our six-shooters ready in our holsters like a Wild West cowboy, but we do need to demonstrate our credibility to build trust and a relationship.

Some ideas:

  • Write and publish a book (I have 8)
  • Publish plenty of content online showing your expertise and credibility
  • Speak at industry events
  • Build your reputation and brand
  • Dress the part – remember the 90:90 rule
  • Refine your communication skills

The list can go on, but don’t put all your weapons inside your jacket and flash them, only a fully armed Typhoon can do that — what a sight and what a job is flying one of those.