How do you buy?

How do you buy?

I’m a V A K D what’s yours.

That’s visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and auditory digital.

When I buy something I need to see it first, a visual an image. Either live or preferably online. I love videos of the item. That’s the Visual.

Then I have to hear what others think about the product or service. The A – auditory. I want to read reviews and testimonials, maybe talk with someone.

As I see the product and read all about it, I get a good feeling inside about it, it has to feel right – often this is encouraged by my gut reaction to the company and the brand. That’s the K – kinaesthetic.

Then I have a chat with myself to determine the facts, the features, the length and the size. Logic creeps in with me at this time and I’ll do my research and due diligence but I’ve already got a good feeling. That’s the D – auditory digital.

Then I buy.

Yours is probably different I’m sure, your customers even more diverse.  Ask them “How do you buy things?” and they’ll reveal all. They won’t say that they’re a V K A or a K A V; they’ll describe it to you. I just use NLP to tag their buying method and then I sell to them in that way.

It makes sense to do so since they’re in charge of buying now and you hung up your imposing one-sided sales process a long time ago didn’t you? Now you help them to buy because everyone likes to buy, few want to be sold to.