Hit the mute button

I took delivery of a shiny new phone earlier this year – a HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7. Boy it’s taken a while to get used to as it’s so different to my old windows phone.

Shortly after receiving my phone I called my wife and little did I know but my ear hit the sensitive mute button on my phone, so Claire couldn’t hear a word I was saying. I’m sure you’ve been there with your phone on that one.

But it didn’t make any difference to my wife, she can talk for England anyway, and just carried on chatting. I kept trying to say something and didn’t realise I’d hit the mute button until later in the call. My wife hadn’t noticed and kept on chatting about her day and the children. Afterwards she said how refreshing it was to be listened to at long last.

I thought what a great tip to use when on the phone with customers or prospects to enhance the listening process. After a great question, hit the mute button to discourage yourself from talking further or asking a follow up question too quickly.

Or after you’ve asked for the business or the appointment, hit the mute button so they have to say something.

Beware of your calling system that it doesn’t go completely blank as the customer might hear a different tone. If this isn’t a problem, try hitting the mute button next time you’re on the phone with a customer.

If you prefer, it could be an imaginary mute button, like putting your finger on your lips, same effect really.

And I promise to be a better listener with my wife, honest.