Help them visualise using it

Last night I was watching a programme on the TV which involved a young couple who had to make a big choice when it came to buying a new home.

One home was in the French Atlantic coastline, a beautiful stretch of land glistening in the warmth of the sunshine.  The house was fantastic, 4 bedrooms, sun terrace and full of original features….

The other place was in Exmouth in Devon, equally sublime but didn’t share the same climate.  It was a two bedroom terrace Victorian house with a garden overlooked by plenty of others.

Two estate agents covered each region and you would have thought the French one would have won hands down because of the location and property.  But no, the Exmouth agent just had a knack of presenting his property better.

He continually helped the couple to imagine what it would be like living there, what would they use the garden for, who they would invite to the barbeques, when would they nip down to the sea, where would they fit their furniture…and so on.

Once they’d had the tour of the property in Exmouth, they could see themselves living there.

Now the poor agent in France did none of this.  She pointed out good features but just kept on talking and talking and talking. And then more talking

You can guess which one they chose.

So think about how you present your product or solution and help your customer to own it.  Help them to visualise how they would use it.

If you sell insurance, many of our readers do, before you do any questioning strings, help them visualise what it’s like to be in a wheelchair or to be too weak to climb the stairs let alone get back to work to earn some money. Help them see this, smell it, experience it in their minds eye.

If you sell real estate, help them see what it’ll be like to live there, imagine their new lifestyle.

If you sell big TVs, help them imagine what it would be like to sit on the sofa watching England beat Brazil in the final.

Don’t tell them, help them to visualise it. Use questions to steer their thinking and imagination.

England 2 – Brazil 1. Now that’s something rather delicious to visualise.