He had an answer for everything

I haven’t had a delivery of milk in the mornings since I lived at home with parents in the very early 1980’s. We prefer to stock up from the supermarket once a week until we had a visit from our milkman.

A cheeky knock on the door and a very cheeky chappy indeed.

“Fancy having milk delivered every morning, nice and fresh” He began

“We get ours from Tesco”

“That’s OK, but our milk is a lot fresher and comes from local farmers, you’ll be supporting your locals which Tescos don’t do”

“You’re a little more expensive aren’t you?”

“You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our cost per pint, and we’ll deliver you your newspaper too, how about Mr”


I’d run out of objections. He had an answer for everything I said. “oh go on then we’ll do a weeks’ trial”

“You won’t regret it, how many pints would you like tomorrow morning, hold on I’ll get you a couple of free ones off the van now”

So what about you? Do you have an answer for everything? Do you have stock responses to the common objections people give you, just like my Cheeky Chappy.