Have your customer concerns changed?

When was the last time you checked in with your customers?

Customer concerns and challenges change with time. Sometimes quite dramatically.

Let’s take me as an example.

  • When I was 30 in 1994, my main concerns in life, in order of importance were – holidays, nights out, beer, fun, career.
  • Now at aged 50 in 2014, they are, again in order of priority – career, protection of family, security of income, house maintenance/bills, weekends.

This is not unusual; I imagine you’re the same.

Let’s now examine some corporate clients.

In 2008, before the credit crunch, my clients concerns were, in priority order:

  1. Revenue generation
  2. Profit generation
  3. Value for all supplies
  4. Customer journeys
  5. Governance/risk

Now in 2014 they are –

  1. Governance/risk
  2. Brand integrity
  3. Customer journeys
  4. Value for all supplies
  5. Revenue generation

So much has changed in 5 years. Have you changed your value proposition for your customer to meet their new priorities? If you haven’t changed yours lately, I doubt if you’re appealing to their new priorities.

And whatever happened to going out with the boys on a Friday night, getting blind drunk, having fun and enjoying two weeks in Corfu every year?