Have you played Meeting Bingo?

Bet you have. I was introduced to the game in the 1990’s and played in with much amusement.

LinkedIn, which has 300 million users globally (2014), analysed English language profiles and have released its annual list of the most overused buzzwords. Here it is.

The Week Magazine reported “If you’re a responsible and driven analytical expert – positive that your strategic skills and patience can forge organisational effectiveness, while bringing an innovative and dynamic quality to your creative work, then congratulations, you’ve hit the LinkedIn jackpot”

The message for us salespeople and sales managers? Embrace the new language but, I believe, beware using jargon. We know this, but if you’re embroiled in the culture of your organisation, you might just have drifted to the dark side.

Meeting Bingo, I’ll leave you to Google it; do so as its such fun.