Have you Iggy Popped what you sell?

Outside Gloucester Rail Station I just had to photograph this billboard. It’s such a great ad. I bet you’ve seen it before.

You know its selling motor insurance, or I should say Iggy Pop is selling insurance in his unique fashion.

You also know, that Iggy says that he’s not selling insurance…he’s selling time, hence the stopwatch on his forehead. And that’s Swiftcover’s main USP. You free up time to spend in other areas of your life.

I remember buying my first car insurance, when I was 19, from a insurance broker in town. It must have taken me a whole day if you factor in travel, queuing, the application process, sweating whilst you await approval, the smelling salt recovery after the premium was quoted.

But now it takes just 60 seconds.

So what about you? What product, service or idea do you sell? And what does it really mean to people if they buy it. Have you Iggy Popped the ultimate benefit of your product or idea?

Today I’m meeting a new client to talk about telesales training for her teams. If I went storming in to talk about my workshops, exercises, training equipment….

…then I’m missing the point.

No, I’ll talk about the outcomes of the training, in other words the increased sales numbers, mightier motivation from the sales force, higher staff retention figures and increased revenue…as a result of the training.

And do you know what’s really weird?

Sales of Swift Cover, which is owned by AXA, increased by a third, so great advertising. That’s not the peculiar thing though.

The Advertising Standards Authority said the motor insurance advert was misleading as the rock star would not be eligible for a policy in real life. So AXA had to change it. That’s bizarre.

Remember to Iggy Pop what you sell.