Has Complacency Set In?

I call it complacentitis – the disease that sets it as soon the as the customer is secured. After a while, we reduce the quality of our service.

Last year, due to being busy in my work, I employed the services of a domestic who would clean my small terrace in Cheltenham every other week. In the first few weeks, it was first class. Everything done correctly, shirts ironed as well.

However, recently standards have dropped, so much that I have to leave notes out on things that need doing. This effect is evident in all business relationships. Do you spend as much effort on your existing customer’s needs as those who are new to your business?

There’s an old joke doing the rounds that St Peter was persuaded to go to hell by a compelling Devil who made it sound palatial and welcoming. Upon entering the inferno, he realised after a few days that it was indeed, hell. On asking why it was different to what was explained, the reply was that earlier he was a prospect now he’s an existing customer.

Beware complacentitis