Giving Customers Ground Rules

I have to say I’ve just about had enough of our Sky+ box.  That’s the gadget that records live TV here in the UK.  Its strength is its weakness.  You see, recording programmes is a breeze and anyone can now do it.

That’s the problem as my children are always recording their own shows and hitting “series link” which records every programme in the series.  Now that’s OK is the series if weekly but my daughter presses series link for programmes like Hannah Montana and she has a half hour programme every hour all weekend.  We end up having about 50 episodes recorded over a weekend.

And the worse thing?

They wipe off my programmes that I record.  You know serious grown up ones.

Before I carry on ranting we have solved  the problem.  I’ve set ground rules on the usage of the Sky+ Box and I’m back in control.

You see in sales, we should set ground rules and stay in control.  Customers need our direction.  Above all we should:

  1. Tell them at the beginning of our face to face meeting what normally happens during the chat
  2. Guide them through the process, tell them where they are in the meeting process.
  3. When silences occur, move into signpost mode and tell them what the next step is.

Here’s a nice little tip for you.  You could even say to your customer that…

“At the end of the process you might feel you’ll be in a position to go ahead…or not…so I’ll ask you at the end of the meeting, if that’s OK.”

And at the end of the meeting say “it’s decision time” with a big smile. “Can I have your autograph?”

You’ll never be accused of not closing sales.  Remember you can say many things if you have a big smile on your face.

Now my ground rules haven’t gone down too well with the children. Restricting their use of the series link button was so “not cool Dad“.  Apparently I don’t understand the youth of today and their needs anymore.  And I think my daughter doesn’t love me anymore!