Fly in the Pan

Having two early teenage boys faces us with a major problem.  No, its not mood swings, empty fridges or Pizza complexions…no, its missing the toilet pan. Boys are just bad aimers, if you see what I’m saying.  Quite frankly, this is a man thing not just teenagers.

We tried everything.  Telling them, encouraging them, shouting at them, rewarding them and nothing improved the situation. Until we bought a packet of fly stickers and stuck one to the pan just like this.

And the amazing thing.  It worked.  No more missing, perfect aims and no mess.

Rather than fighting the problem, create an innovative solution. Challenge the status quo. Sometimes handling a challenge in a different way reaps dividends.

How about your challenges in your world? How are you facing up to your 21st Century challenges and problems?  Are you trying to solve them in the same way with the same results or are you trying different solutions however radical.  Here’s a few ideas.

  • Have you revolutionised your cold calling techniques with some new scripts that remove the stress?
  • Have you asked your customers how to change things recently?
  • Are you telling stories now to overcome objections rather than twisting your customer’s arms?
  • Are you using Social Networking to prospect?
  • Are you coaching more than telling in your management style?
  • Are you writing shorter emails?  Are you phoning or tex’ing more instead.
  • Are you meeting clients through web communication technologies rather than traipsing across the country in your car.
  • Are you investing in a new CRM system rather than rely on paper?
  • Are you doing live field visits rather than paperwork back at the office?
  • Have you challenged HQ recently?
  • Have you said no to a customer?
  • Have you turned the sales process completely upside down?
  • Have you started solving customer’ problems rather than trying to sell stuff?

It makes you think doesn’t it?  Creative change can bring great results. I just feel sorry for cleaning product companies who might be going out of business when every man in the nation becomes an expert aimer.  I must say mine has improved dramatically.