Find Your Customer’s Fluent Side

Daniel Casasanto from Chicago University discovered that if you’re right-handed you will favour people or choices to your right.

He experimented with ballot papers and found 15% more right handed people voted for the candidate situated on the right of the paper.

Lefties have the same phenomena as well. Here’s some ideas that come to mind:

  • Sit down with a customer on their dominant side, show demonstrations on this side too.
  • When shaking hands, stand subtly along their dominant side.
  • Use your left hand more when gesturing.
  • When presenting, stand to the left of your decision maker (when facing her) so she looks at you to her right.
  • Place interesting aspects on the right of your website or blog.
  • Put your reception on the right as people enter your building.

Finally, put the chocolate on the left-hand side of the cupboard to aid your diet.