Feedback is like engine oil

My car is serviced a couple of times’ a year and I’m amazed at the price and complexity of the engine oil it receives. Fully synthetic, non-synthetic, generic…all sorts of names.

But the point is that my car guzzles the right kind of oil, it has the right qualities for the engine I drive, it has just enough quantity and it’s also timely, changed at a certain mileage interval determined by very bright engineers.

It has quality, quantity and timeliness.

I like to think the same is for feedback to your salespeople when you’re coaching. Giving feedback is essential at all times as it keeps salespeople at the top of their game and salespeople have to be there all the time.

So does your feedback have those three qualities – quality, quantity and timeliness – do you offer just one item each time you offer feedback? The most important, the priority, the number one.

Do you provide the right quality of feedback?

And finally do you deliver it with timeliness? It’s totally pointless giving feedback long after the moment. We’ve forgotten the moment, can’t relate the feedback instantly and the salesperson won’t be able to comment and apply it because the moment has gone.

But really?  £100 to replace the oil in the sump, that’s ridiculous but, I guess, you get what you pay for and feedback is invaluable.