Features and Benefits are so Last Century

Please don’t ever use features and benefits…

They’re so last century.

Here’s what you can replace them with.

Firstly, people buy with their emotional antennae and then later justify their purchase using logic. Consider that one re-introduced to you, because you already knew it.

Secondly, people are motivated towards achieving some goal or aim, or they are propelled to buy things to relieve some kind of pain or problem hanging over them.

Mix these together and you get:

Next, take your product or service offering and start populating the boxes. Start with logical away from reasons to buy your product. So for example, say you were selling caravan insurance, you would put – necessity, on the list to do; protect it if it burns down. Then go to emotional away from reasons, you could put – trusted company to take away fears, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Then go towards logical – save £50 each year, tick off the list. Finally towards emotional and you get – sleep easy at night, extra spending money to buy something nice, look forward to happy care free caravanning.

It changes everything. Listen carefully to the customer’s towards – away from preferences, most are away from. Then dribble the emotional reasons to sell the product, and convince them. And when you’re completing the application, drizzle them with some of the logical reasons.

Remember, people buy on emotion and justify on logical reasons.

And please promise me, you’ll never use features and benefits ever again. Customers are much more knowledgeable about your product nowadays, your website has all the features and benefits, so we don’t need expensive salespeople to tell them.