Expertise is the Future

We’re all concerned about the rise of the robots and algorithms taking over our jobs and they will. Here’s a timely lesson from the British Olympic team to show how we can rise above the algo’s.

20 years ago, the decision was made to pour money into cycling because this was the richest source of future medals and they were right. 12 medals in total including 6 golds, just from cycling. The most productive return on investment. Cycling now receives the highest investment of all nations even dwarfing that of the USA.  This allows the Olympic cycling team to stay one step ahead of its rivals maximising technology and innovations.

This leads neatly back to us. Whatever your trade, are you an expert? Do you channel the bulk of your resources into your expertise. Algo’s will be very good at generalising and dealing with easy aspects, not so good at the complex human related areas.

Stick to your knitting goes the phrase, Bradley Wiggins does and he’s now Sir Bradley.