Everyone Else is Doing It

Have you heard of the story of a Labour Peer in the House of Lords who has just agreed to repay £41,000 in expenses to the taxman? He claimed over £260,000 for a non-existent flat in London over a period of 7 years at the same time as claiming £41,000 in travel expenses to his home in Brighton from the capital.

There are many others and it proves that people will justify anything to themselves if they believe that “everyone else is doing it”.

That’s dangerous and the message is not to fall into the trap. Do you:

  • Not sell protection products because no one else is doing so.
  • Didn’t to the pre-course work for the up coming training because no one else has done it.
  • Never cross-sell because everyone says how difficult it is.
  • Rarely update the CRM system because everyone says it’s a waste of time
  • Never contribute to sales meetings since no one else does
  • Rarely coach your salespeople because you’re so busy and all the other sales managers are so busy too.

Makes you think doesn’t it..