Don’t Forget Common Ground

One of the advantages of your favourite Premiere League Football team playing erratically is that you can buy tickets for home matches. And so this happened for me at Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground.

With my two teenage sons, we ventured to Manchester with our tickets for the first time. Unfortunately we were unable to secure three consecutive seats, my two boys sat next to each other but I was a couple of seats behind them on my own.

However, we were amongst fellow fans, and I soon became ensconced in conversation about Manchester United past and present with my two adjoining new friends. We spoke about Eric Cantona’s brilliance, Sparky’s incisiveness in attack and Steve Bruce’s staunch defensiveness. Plus Schmeichel’s antics in front of goal.

We were all soon best buddies.

Doesn’t it just prove the value of common ground?  I know it’s a cliché, but do you still seek common ground with your customers and clients. It’s one of the rapport building techniques that will live forever.

Didn’t Oasis want to “Live Forever”?

Enough of the Manchester connections, my friends in Liverpool will never let me live that down. Oh I forgot, we won the match 1:0, very rare for Manchester United at the moment.