Don’t fight problems, work with them

As a family man with three children, I know how much more expensive family holidays are during those 6 precious weeks of school summer holidays. Parents who are tempted to take their children out beyond the 6 weeks can be slapped fines of up to £60 per child per parent which can easily amount to £240 for two children.

But many parents still feel the maths is on their favour by going on cheap holidays and paying the fine. This year Sir Michael Wilshaw, the Chief Inspector of Schools, has put forward a plan to increase the fine dramatically. How shrewd. This way parents can’t us the fiscal advantage so won’t take their children out of school.

But how negative this is; merely fighting the problem.

To achieve an amicable solution, a tiny school in South Wales is going to accumulate all the inset days – IN-SErvice Training – all in one week in June. The school will encourage parents to use this week to grab a cheap holiday.

How clever

In the same way as trainers, sales people, coaches when we’re up against challenges, do you fight them or work with them to find amicable solution? For example:

  • As a trainer, so you fight the unruly delegate who was sent on the course and doesn’t want to be there and is kicking up a fuss or do you find a way to appease both them and your own objectives. It can be done.
  • As a salesperson, when your customer puts up some issues or reservations, do you use your carefully crafted answers, or do you really listen to their issue, probe it carefully and find a joint solution.
  • Do you fight hard to get your own way or do you always seek win:win solutions? Especially in negotiating.

Evesham Primary School in Newport, South Wales, have.