Don’t double the talk

I was watching the half time review of a major football match the other day. You know when the cameras zoom back to the studio and you have the pundits and experts giving you their opinion of the match.

Gary Lineker was doing his best to orchestrate the experts. Mark Lawrenson was chipping in with his words of wisdom about something, Alan Shearer had to give an angle on the same topic and of course, Alan Hansen needed to convince the viewers that he was an expert with his own take on the same topic.

I thought; hold on they’re doing what sales managers do when accompanying their sales people on sales calls. Thankfully it’s quite rare, but I’ve witnessed the salesperson making a point to the customer and the sales manager, to prove he is the sales manager, gives another angle on the same point.

Doubling the talk, much to the frustration of the customer…and the salesperson.

So sales managers, don’t chip in during the sales meeting, your job is to coach afterwards, not add your penny’s worth.

And Alan Hansen, we know you’re an expert, you don’t have to prove it to the viewer everytime by repeating what Mark and Alan have already said. Alan you’re very experienced. It was almost 20 years’ ago you played for Liverpool wasn’t it…and you haven’t managed a football team have you? But you’ve been on BBC for years haven’t you, earning, I believe £1.5 million a year.

Bit naughty that but I couldn’t resist 🙂