Don’t dampen your innovation

This morning, in the shower, I had a great idea.

I often do whilst showering and people ask me why they do too.

Here’s the answer, just in case you’d like more ideas whilst in the shower.

Towards the end of the previous day – aim to plan your very next day. Do your To Do list or however you like to plan. But make sure you have the next day’s activities, meetings, calls, actions cemented in your mind.

Spookily enough, that changes things. You sleep better because you’ve already planned the next day but more importantly, it frees up your mind from worrying about what you’re going to do that day because you’ve already planned it.

So when you’re in the shower, your mind is liberated to think about other aspects of your day and, hey presto, ideas emerge.

Naturally you’d want to review your daily plan at the beginning of the day to add your new found ideas and anything else that’s evolved since the previous night.

Let’s hope the shower doesn’t dampen your innovation.