Does Shadowing Work in Coaching?

It’s inherently simple to put into place. “I’m letting Michelle shadow you for a week as part of their training, is that OK?”

“I suppose so.”

Says one of your top performing salespeople, muttering under breath, how much they hate that. I wonder why; let me explain.

  • They don’t think they’re any good at coaching
  • The newbie gets in the way and keeps asking questions
  • There’s nothing in it for me
  • They’ve no idea what they do well
  • They cramp their style

Moreover, it doesn’t work apart from leaving the newbie in awe of the top performer. I know it takes longer to think through some alternative ways of developing your newbie, but it’s worth it. I’ve got some ideas in my newest article – How to Prevent the Extinction of Sales Training Departments at or my blog

It doesn’t work.