Do you rent or own your role?

Up until 1980 we lived on a council estate which was enormous and all the properties were rented. People didn’t generally look after their homes – burnt out Cortinas were prevalent (google that name if you haven’t heard) and dogs ran around the estate off their leads.

Then we bought our house under the famous Right to Buy and a good 75% of the tenants did so too. Over time the place was transformed – extensions, gardens spruced up and gated. Decoration and individualisation. Gentrification had come to town because we owned our homes.

We all felt proud, motivated to cut the front lawn, almost empowered and this motivation maintained the Conservatives in power for another 17 years.

In the same way, do your salespeople own their jobs or are they just renting? There’s a huge motivation chasm between the two, since motivation is intrinsic, not something you can sprinkle over them in fine dust.

The attitude of ownership or renting can be quickly observed, often in the interview or probation period. Challenge any renters quickly, ask them outright; why are they renting their job? If they can’t use their own Right to Buy…then serve an eviction notice.

Do you rent or own your job?