Do you Have a Switch or a Dial?

I have a switch, friends of mine have dials. Now this may not seem relevant but if I explain you’ll soon see how this can help you in your sales coaching.

People with a switch – flick on and off various habits. They switch it on and won’t stop. For example, a salesperson presenting their product or service will just go on and on and over sell, sometimes persuading the customer to pull out of the deal. They just don’t know when to stop. But they eventually do.

Those with a dial know when to stop something, it’s operating with a dial that can be slowed down or speeded up not all one speed. For example, they know when to stop presenting by gauging the customer.

You probably know which you are when you open a bottle of wine on a Friday evening after a busy week. If you have a dial you’ll stop after one or two. If you have a switch, you’ll finish the bottle. I have a switch on a Friday night.

A switch is not always bad.  For example, clearing your email inbox – these with switches can clear it, people with dials will stop half way.

So how can you use this in your next sales meeting:

  • Teach your salespeople the difference so they recognise themselves
  • Ask them to share experiences in sales when their switch doesn’t help them
  • Discuss where a dial would be better and the impact
  • Then talk about how a switch might be better than a dial.

Which are you?