Do you believe in UFOs

Do you believe in UFOs? It seems the British public would like to. I read recently that the UFO desk at the Border Defence people has just been closed down as fewer and fewer sightings have been recorded and thus their work is coming to an end.

Instead a museum has been opened to record all the reports over the last 70 odd years.

The Curator of the museum was quoted “it seems we know more about human behaviour than UFOs as a result of the desk, people want to believe and therefore they see them”

Doesn’t that just prove that what we want to believe, we end up seeing.

As salespeople, sales managers this is a dangerous concept. Our thoughts, our beliefs will turn into reality or simply put…what we want to believe in will come true in our heads.

So rid yourself of those negative thoughts about yourself, the company, your colleagues because if left unchecked they may become real.

There’s a very strange light up in the sky and it’s heading towards me now.