Do the Ally McBeal

Sometimes we just need some time to think in the heat of battle, or the heat of a workplace situation. Especially reflector types. After all, the pace of business life seems so quick, we need a technique to slow things down.

So my suggestion is to do the Ally McBeal or to copy one of the characters, Peter MacNicol, who adopted a fascinating routine every time he wanted to think something through.

He would lean onto the desk and clasp his two hands over his nose and eyes like he was praying. At the same time he would lower his head.

The reaction was astonishing. Every attendee in the meeting would pause, hold and wait some more, until he was ready with his decision. And the moment would last for quite some time. When he was ready, he would come to life and announce his decision having thought it through with diligence.

It bought him valuable time whenever he needed it.

Fabulous, so do the Ally McBeal next time you feel threatened to make a decision in the busy meeting.