Customer care is next years’ customer service

Do you give your customers exemplary service or care?  Many companies confuse the issue. I think they are very separate.

Let me explain.

For my India business visit last year I needed various injections before I could travel.  My local surgery took care of the issue very efficiently and speedily so I complimented the nurse.

“Thank you for being so efficient”

“That’s a pleasure” she said. “We’re trying very hard to please our customers this year, thank you for your feedback”

Efficiency was her middle name but did she engage me? No, it was quite robotic, systematic and well…efficient.  There was no attempt to treat me as an individual, ask about my trip, engage with me, give me some personal care.

Later that day I was in Tesco’s doing my weekly shop and the checkout was total chaos with half of the checkouts out of action and dozens of shoppers waiting to pay.

As I approached a free checkout, the cashier smiled and whispered “You seem as fed up with this as me” and continued to engage and make me feel human.

So which experience was better? Both were good but the one that leaves the lasting impression on me was the Tesco’s, more care than service. Obviously if we have both, that’s nirvana and that’ll give you a massive competitive advantage.

Did the injections work? Yes they did, I didn’t catch Diphtheria, Typhoid or Malaria.  I just wish they had an injection to avoid the Delhi Belly…that was very unpleasant.