Caring Sharing Referrals

I’d been working in Edinburgh all that week and due to head home on the Thursday afternoon. That morning Storm Doris hit. Massive winds, snow and rain. Result: travel disruption on steroids, but not my Uber Car which whisked me to Waverley Station in 5 minutes to catch an earlier train.

You may have used Uber, you might have experienced AirBnB or borrowed money from a Peer to Peer lender. This are all part of the sharing economy.

It’s this concept I like to promote when it comes to gathering referrals for your business. Think beyond the usual client referral and look elsewhere. Where can the sharing of referrals be done?

  1. Offer to provide some referrals for your customer, they’ll be very grateful and probably not expecting it. Now seek reciprocity with “thank you, you’d do the same if you were in my shoes, I’m sure you would.”
  2. Or provide a referral for someone else in your company. Maybe you have a survey division, deliver a referral to them from your client bank. Maybe refer someone to a colleague.
  3. Go onto your network – face to face or online – and refer someone to the recruitment division of your firm, they’ll always be grateful.

It’s all about sharing and reciprocity.

I just wish the train companies would do more of that, I’ve been on this train for over 5 hours now and only just gone past Wigan.