Bottomless Prosecco

It’s all the rage in the bars in Cheltenham, where I live. All you can drink Prosecco whilst you eat a meal.

It’s not as daft as you think. The wholesale price of the fizz is around £2.50 but bars retail this at around £25 a pop, so the customer thinks they’re getting a bargain. Everyone’s happy. The restaurant owner is getting plenty of custom with people paying full price for their meals and earning a handsome profit.

A classic win:win.

When negotiating, a win:win is essential. The aim is to have plenty of variables to negotiate with the other party.

Create variables that cost you little but have extreme value to the other person. When you’re  packaging a service, add extras that cost you little but add value. Such as priority access to you over a six month period, a review meeting after 14 days, online webinars to explain added benefits.

And if you’re drawn into a negotiation, you can regard these as variables, which can be negotiated away or used to validate the investment.

Everyone loves a win:win. Especially Prosecco drinkers. Hic, hic. I believe Friday is now known as Fizz Friday and Thursday – Thirsty Thursday – I mean whatever next?