Body Language When Selling on the Phone

What a nonsensical title? How can you use your body language to sell more over the phone since obviously you can’t see them and they can’t see you.

There are a few secrets that you can try:

  • Picture your customer either in your imagination, although this is never correct and rarely works. Instead try and find a picture of your customer online – Linked in, blogs, company websites – you’d be amazed how easy it is. Search “client name filetype:jpg” or do a picture search on google.
  • Once you can see a picture of your customer, human instinct kicks in and we start to look at eyes, face and begin to make a connection.  Its quite miraculous the difference this makes to your conversation.
  • Stand up, this has been known for ever. Your energy kicks in, you sound more confident. More assertive and attentive.
  • Gesture since this aids the words you use, bring depth and warmth to your voice.

As daft as it sounds watching your body language when on the phone can pay dividends.