Beware of selling the way you buy

I always wondered why I never really enjoyed cold calling, or when a customer wanted to think things through, my heart said they should. Now these two aspects of sales are really important. Cold calling hasn’t completely died and still forms the basis of many sellers’ prospecting methods. And of course, preventing the customer from thinking it through is essential, if you want to close.

But I still am not a fan of cold calling or preventing my customer from thinking things through.

Let me explain the reason which is really important if you sell or run a team of sales people.

Personally, I really despise being cold called and I just have to think things through before I buy.

The lesson here?

All salespeople lean towards the way they like to buy. If they’re a “think about it” buyer, then if left unchecked they’ll happily let the customer think about it.

If they don’t like being cold called, then they’ll be reticent to cold call themselves.

If they like the facts and details before they buy something then guess what? They’ll gravitate towards drowning the customer with facts and details.

It’s an Inner Game thing, a mind aspect that isn’t to do with skills or knowledge and we have to appreciate the way we buy and not expect everyone else to do the same. I worked on my closing and cold calling as a young salesperson because I knew I had a reversion to them, and I got good at them. So must your salespeople.

So look back to the way you buy things. Is it influencing your selling style?